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“The Dionne Quintuplets at Callender, Ontario, Canada.” The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library, Toronto, 1937, Osborne Collection. 

Osborne Collection

of Early Children's Books.

Founded in the 1934 by a visiting British  librarian, Edgar Osborne, the collection was donated personally by Osborne to the Toronto public library in 1949 as a research collection in historical children's literature. 

It has grown now to over 80,000 rare and notable modern children's books, classified into three parts the collection itself consists of the Osborne Collection of books published to the end of 1910, the Lilian H. Smith Collection of modern notable titles and the Canadiana Collection of materials written, published or substantially related to Canada. 

Copyright © 1949 Toronto Public Library, All Rights Reserved.

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